This is a simple overview of the controls:

You can scroll through available items using the arrow buttons or with a fling.

Drag and drop an item into the level.

Touch an item to select it.
You will then see some buttons to modify the item.

After selecting an item – touch it again to move it around the level.
You can also simply touch and drag an item without selecting it first.

Press the red button to play the level.
Press again to stop.

Pinch to zoom in and out.
(If you’re device does not support multi-touch – zoom buttons will show up)

Please note that some items are hard to select without zooming in!


"Manic Mechanics provides a great gameplay experience, and user generated content could keep the game fresh for a good long time." 
Android Rundown.

User Comments: "Lots of fun. Some levels seem impossible at first but the fun is figuring out the placement to make things work" 
- Dennis.